10-Year-Old Turned Down $1,000,000 

For His Invention To Help Struggling Families

“This is the money-saving method your power company doesn’t want you to know.” - Anurak

Monday, March 29, 2021: Written by Christine Samberg, Senior Editor

Anurak grew up in the poorest neighborhood of Thailand. Raised by a single mom, she barely earned minimum wage so she often struggled to pay the bills. Yet, electricity charges increased month after month despite being extremely careful with their usage.

She dreaded the day their electricity bill arrived in the mail as she had become fearful of soaring charges. Sometimes, they would even turn off the lights at night, using only candles to light up their house just to save cost.

“It was heart-breaking to know that we couldn’t even afford electricity, a basic necessity.”

“I wanted to help my mom out in any way I can.”

“As I felt responsible to step up as the man in the house ever since my dad passed away.” – Anurak

Education Is The Key To Success

His mother always stressed the importance of education knowing that it was the only means of a brighter future.

Sure enough, Anurak did well in school. With an IQ of 150, he was offered a full scholarship to MIT, majoring in electrical engineering.

His Lightbulb Moment

It was when he was studying the electric currents in his dorm room, he discovered something shocking!

5 times more electricity was flowing through than needed. This meant that a lot of unnecessary electricity goes to waste causing a spike in power bills.

To solve this, he thought of a way to regulate the flow of current in order to prevent power surges common in homes. Months later, he developed a prototype and tested it out in his dorm room. Anurak and his roommate were both shocked by the results.

Their Electrical Bill Was Slashed By 50% In The Next Month

Overjoyed that his invention worked, he quickly realized he could maximize his device’s potential. So he tested it out on the faculty of engineering, the faculty that consumes the most power in the building. The electrical bill saw a steep drop of about 40%!

MIT was so impressed that they offered to fund the production of his invention. Then, found investors to mass produce his product.

He Called It EZsave™

EZsave™ is a load balancer that reduces a household’s daily electronic wastage. Electricity goes to waste when there’s a rise and fall in voltage which means money inevitably goes down the drain. EZsave™ saves and reduces energy by stabilizing the voltage.

It also consists of a capacitor which is used to store the unused electric energy, releasing it only when power is needed. 

This reduces the electricity draw from the main supply which in turn, results in instant savings on your electricity bill.

Now you can enjoy your usual electricity usage every month without having to break the bank.

As Easy As 123

Just plug EZsave™ into any power socket. Switch it on and watch the indicator light turn green.

Sit back and relax while EZsave™ works its magic. Watch as your power bills drastically drop in less than 30 days.

For optimal results, it is recommended to install 1 unit of EZsave™ for every 500 sqft of your home.

Now Everyone Can Afford Electricity

"What Others Are Saying About EZsave™

“We saw an unbelievable 48% drop on our bill charges the next month.”

“And it was for the hottest month of the year which is July.”

“We’re honestly blown away by how well this works!

– Jamie McCallen

“We were forced to cut down on family activities which we enjoyed doing.”

“Now, thanks to EZsave™, we can continue doing the things we love without having to worry about overconsumption.”

– Brian Kinney

“Ever since we used it, we’ve seen savings of about $80 every month.”

“That’s at least a 50% reduction in our electricity bill.”

“It’s truly an amazing device!”

– Donna Walsh

EZsave™ Has Been A Big Hit Since Its Launch

So much so that the biggest power company in America tried to buy his patents but Anurak refused after knowing their true intention.

"They wanted to wipe out my product because they saw it as a threat to their profits.”

“Clearly, greed was their motivation for success.”

“While I just wanted to help struggling families like myself afford electricity especially in this current pandemic situation.”

“Now, my mom no longer worries if she can afford the bill every month.”

“It’s as if a weight has been lifted off her shoulders.”

“I can only hope EZsave™ will help others reduce the burden of expensive electrical costs too.”

– Anurak

But ever since Anurak turned down the deal of a lifetime, power companies have been doing everything they can to pull the plug on the production of EZsave™.

As of now, production has been halted and it’s unclear as to when it’ll begin again. At last count, there are only a couple hundreds of stocks left and they’re selling out fast!

Grab yours now and never worry about footing another outrageous electricity bill again.

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