How A Police Officer Who Used To
Be 230, Eventually Took Down A
High Profile Criminal And Received
A Medal Of Valor

“I never thought that I could achieve something like this 6 months

Tuesday, January 19, 2020: Written by Christine Samberg, Senior Editor

"If you could melt away more than 100 lbs without pills,
restrictive diet or intrusive surgery, would you want it?"

Meet Anna, a 38-year-old police officer from New York. She’s socially-awkward person and 
she lives alone. She rarely goes out.

Every day after work, binge-watching TV & takeouts became her routine. Her weight 

eventually piled up but she didn’t care much as that didn’t affect her job.

“Unlike Hollywood movies, chasing perps on foot doesn’t happen a lot, especially in a low crime rate area.” - Anna

One day, Anna & her duty partner Peter were responding to a domestic violence call. They got
there in 5 minutes, but the abusive husband fled the scene after he heard the siren. Peter
immediately chased after the perp and asked Anna to cut him off at the next junction.

But she was too big.

After sprinting for less than a minute, she ran out of breath and stopped running. She jogged
her way toward the next junction. By the time she got there, the perp was long gone, leaving
Peter in the alley, unconscious with his face covered in blood.

“It’s all my fault. If anything happened to Peter, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.” - Anna

The Guilt Was Eating Her Alive From The

Fortunately, Peter was able to recover and return back to the force after lying on the bed for 2
weeks. But he couldn't forgive Anna and went immediately to the captain's office to put in a
request to change partner.

“How can a 230-pound cop back me up when I need? It’s dangerous for me!” - Peter

Her captain also issued a final warning for her, 

If she couldn’t pass the fitness test in 6 months, she will be fired!

That Was When She Knew She Had To Do Something

It wasn't easy, but she was determined to change. So she started taking actions.

She started working out in the gym, but that only lasted 2 weeks when she was made fun of
by other people in the gym. She tried the famous diets - Keto, Atkins, Paleo, Calorie
Counting, etc.

But none of them worked for her.

One morning while Anna was getting ready for work, she suddenly got dizzy and eventually
fell down on the floor.

Good thing her neighbor was nearby and he quickly called 9-1-1. She was rushed to the
hospital and when the doctor examined her, she discovered that her blood pressure reading
was through the roof!

"I tried almost everything out there, but nothing seemed to work.."

Finally, Dr. Kojima's Latest BioScience
Breakthrough Gave Me A "New Life" Again

One day, her childhood bestie, Charlotte, who got married to a Japanese man years ago,
visited Anna in New York. Seeing Charlotte for the first time in 10 years, Anna was shocked.

Charlotte used to be chubby just like her, but now she’s fit despite being a mother of 3. After
asking about it, Charlotte introduced Anna to her husband...

...Dr. Kojima, a medical scientist who specializes in traditional Japanese medicine - “Jiki

He was in town to discuss a business opportunity for his latest medical invention in weight
management. After a thorough counselling session with Anna, Dr. Kojima showed her a

...the product of 4 years of research by his team of Japanese medical experts.

This specially-formulated patch contains a magnetic field in the center and is surrounded by 4
extremely rare Japanese herbs.

They discovered that these specific ingredients activate the burning mechanisms inside our
body stopping it from creating mature fat cells.

In other words, this Japanese innovation could lead to a tremendous fat-loss without
exercising of any kind.

Jishaku patch is absolutely amazing. It reduces the activity of enzymes that are responsible for synthesizing fat thereby preventing the development of mature fat cells. This patch tackles the problem before it even started. So it’s more effective than most of the products in the market” - Dr. Kojima

“The success rate with all volunteers including my wife is incredibly high. I’m confident that Jishaku™ patch will be able to help Anna.” - Dr. Kojima

This Is The Latest Breakthrough In Modern
Medical Weight Management

Anna was skeptical at first, but with the result of her friend Charlotte, she decided to give
it one last try.

“I’ve tried so many different products before and none of them worked. But after seeing Charlotte with my own eyes, I was convinced so I decided to buy a few packs to try.” - Anna

And she was so shocked by the results!

  • In week 1, she felt a mild tingling sensation from the patch. But she decided to keep going.

  • In Week 2, she started to get used to it. She found out that she’d lost 7 lbs by just using the patch.

  • At the end of the month, she had lost 30 lbs. The amazing result from just applying Jishaku™ Patch every day.

The promising result motivated her to continue even more. The amazing result from just
applying Jishaku™ Patch every day.

“When I stepped onto the scale, I burst into tears, I did it, and I still can’t believe how easy that was.”

After 3 months of using the patch, Anna had to give away all of her clothes that became too
big for her. And she became more confident and happy that she used to be.

Plus, she not only passed the fitness test with flying colors, but she also received a Medal of
for taking down an international drug lord with her squad.

Anna is just one of the many success stories. There are more people around the globe who
faced... a similar situation like hers and have benefited from the patch.

Hundreds of positive feedback & life-changing stories have been received since the launch of
Jishaku™ Patch!

“I’m so grateful that our hard work is able to help people around the globe who faced a similar situation like Anna.” - Dr. Kojima

NO counting calories

NO cutting carbs

NO hours of boring exercise

NO sacrificing delicious foods

Enjoyable, FAST & Lasting Weight Loss 

Since the released of Jishaku™ patch, the demand exploded! After Anna shared her
story with the manufacturer, they are willing to reserve a limited portion for us.

But we don't know when they will run out of stock. If you still can get it, do it now!

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